Headroom-Landing  I  Split LP

Headroom-Landing I Split LP




Redscroll Records


  • Specs

    Grand split lp with two bands whom have a different view on “ambient-psyche” or whatever you wanna call it. Landing starts off in a kind of gentle soft drones not unsimilar to very early shoegaze (think really early Slowdive (NOT later on), or even Seefeel) but spacier as Cloudland Canyon, Mirza etc... which suddenly evaporates into a blistering guitarinferno somewhere between Loop/Spacemen 3. Digging this a lot. Headroom obviously has a harsher sound but remains within modus in a continuous display of a mantra-esque psychedelic guitarmushroom topped with angel vocals drifting on and on. A refreshing lp from two experienced bands whom know exactly how to tickle my ears. I wanna a dessert now.