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Hessel Veldman & Nick Nicole I The S.M. Tape Cass.

Hessel Veldman & Nick Nicole I The S.M. Tape Cass.


Hessel Veldman & Nick Nicole

The S.M. Tape Cass.

Albert's Basement / Tapeways


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    a much needed reissue from this absolute 1982 gem.  In parts oldschool industrial, other parts go drifting of soundscape way.  Superstuff!!! (check out Y Create as well if you dig this)

    Albert's Basement and Tapeways (both Melbourne/Narrm based) are honoured to reissue this audio gem of beautiful sound making from almost 40 years ago. The S.M. Tape was recorded by Hessel Veldman & Nick Nicole in 1982 at their home studio in IJmuiden, Netherlands - where they ran and distributed the EXART record label via the global mail network.

    The S.M. Tape is an experimental electronic album of 'simpel songs'. It sonically touches on elements of industrial, ambient and pop music, but this DIY masterpiece shines brightest in it's harnessing of an energy.

    After meeting Hessel and Nicole in Lithuania in 2018, something clicked for us - our ears and hearts were opened to their unique sounds and spirit.

    Though they have played together in numerous projects such as Y Create and FNTC, The S.M. Tape is the only album released as Hessel Veldman and Nick Nicole, which makes it all the more special.


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