Housewives  I  NY Reissue 12"EP

Housewives I NY Reissue 12"EP

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Housewives (NY reissue)



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    "It’s a twelve-inch now, and fully deserves the upgrade: audaciously balanced yet robust arrangements where every element seems to be talking past each other while still amounting to a litany of finely observed points. Joe Rafferty and David Moran’s guitars clang in sweet harmony, often bringing Glenn Branca and Mark Shippy (US Maple, Shorty);.." - Noel Felder, The Quietus

    "The whole thing is over in far less than half an hour, leaving you buzzing with adrenaline, anxiety levels high, bruised, disoriented and unsure what just happened. " - Jennifer Kelly, Dusted

    "...have me thinking Housewives could’ve easily found space in Cold Storage some 35 years ago. I’m throwing around a lot of old names here, but Housewives feels less like an adoring tribute and more like its own distinctly rude burst of life.." -YellowGreenRed

    "I can't recommend this highly enough..." - Sorry State

    "I'll say it again, Housewives are out there on their own wave of rock/roll, in the best way possible" - Feel It