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Humbros  I  From 0 to 90  Ltd LP Silkscreen Cover

Humbros I From 0 to 90 Ltd LP Silkscreen Cover


Summer Sale 2024


From 0 To 90

Knotwilg Records


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  • Specs

    Ltd Edition with Silkscreened cover

    Release date: Decembre 11, 2020 so should be with you all around Christmas/New Year.  Included is a downloadcode

    After their legendary concert at Knotwilg Festival 2019 it was clear that Humbros would take their percussion driven sound towards a interstellar galaxy.  Ranging from ambient towards highly percussive dance driven drum patterns.  A sound which cuts so deep you actually can't do anything else but stopping whatever you are doing and listen to it while been invited to dance. 

    And so here it is, their first vinyl output ("licensed" from this summer's digital release on Phantom Limb).   A journey through worldwide influences without interruptions taking you from the deepest oceans to the highest mountains.  For fans of O'rang (Talk Talk), Don't DJ/Harmonious Thelonious, Can, Komodo Kolektiv, Cluster, Tolouse Low Trax etc... 

    "French experimental duo Humbros announce their debut album From 0 To 90. Formed from percussion and electronics, Humbros’ fried, fourth world-inspired, instrumental minimalism opens gateways to hazy, esoteric mythologies.Having formed over ten years ago, as teenagers, Nantes duo Simon Puiroux (electronics and sax) and Charles Dubois (percussion) construct the music of Humbros on a semi-improvised framework. Rhythmic patterns, samples and melodic phrases act as marker points along each piece’s winding, free-flowing narrative, a musical communication honed over their years of collaboration to reach From 0 to 90’s clairvoyant levels of improvisational understanding."

    Artwork by Gaspard Casimir

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