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Incipientium I Belastning LP

Incipientium I Belastning LP


Summer Sale 2024



Förlag För Fri Musik


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    Allready sold out at source wtithin a couple of days... Got lucky to get a few.

    Slow-moving and gloomy tape music from Incipientium, one of the most promising new Gothenburg acts. The A-side consists of the Kall Savann recording, originally released in a tiny edition on Förfall in 2021, a impressive 15-minute piece that fuses together the spirit of prime time Swedish cassette murk with a peculiar melodic sense. The newly recorded cuts on the B-side shows more variation with ambient passages, percussion, weirdly treated field recordings etc, the result ending up somewhere close to the lineage of Small Cruel Party, John Hudak, Jeph Jerman and similar but with it's own twisted angle and still firmly rooted in the FFFM universe. Two sides of the same rusty coin. Edition of 250 copies, paste-on artwork and two inserts.


  • Shipping Date

    January 13, 2022

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