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John Krausbauer & John Green I Ribbing Lathe Cut 7" + booklet

John Krausbauer & John Green I Ribbing Lathe Cut 7" + booklet


John Krausbauer & John Green



Lathe Cut 7" + booklet

  • Specs

    An amazing droning piece that spans the two sides of this 7" lathe cut, with Krausbauer on droning violin and Green on his self-made, buzzing, single-reed pipes. Like a cross between Tony Conrad and Eastern ragas.



    “Art End Times’ Art of End Times” is a credo to commemorate the sea change in western art that has been taking place over the last many decades. Namely, a transformation of pursuits from the sensuous, psycho-experiential and ecstatic to those of the overtly dry, overthought and intellectually shabby. “AET” is a death knell for western art and the empty promises born of its new&improved paradigm. It’s a diatribe intended, in part, to prick the slumbering, credulous lobcocks who ineluctably plod down the same overworn paths, forever leading to the same tired results. It is a challenge to anyone partaking in the art-game to own up to their deceptive tactics, tactics of weird art-speak nothingness, slick social maneuvering for low-grade power grabs, self-promotional inanity, and the rest of the polite grotesquery affiliated with the void-chamber of modern institutionalized “Art” and its lame duck associates…

    This is a reissue of the first edition released by No Label in New Zealand.

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