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Joshua Burkett I  Me At Home (Zoloft Daze) Cass.

Joshua Burkett I Me At Home (Zoloft Daze) Cass.


Joshua Burkett

Me At Home (Zoloft Daze)

C/Site Recordings


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    In a just word Joshua Burkett would need no introduction. With work running back over three decades, including stints in Bimbo Shrineheads, Vermonster, Tarp, Frozen Corn, loads of solo records and collaborations, running Amherst’s Mystery Train Records and in-house Mystra label, bringing together shows and festivals, he’s certainly done his fair share. Recorded circa 2004 “Me At Home (Zoloft Daze)” captures Burkett tuning up a set of songs for live presentation. Intimately recorded and delicately played acoustic guitar is sent through a uniquely simplistic practice amp, minimal and tasteful effects are met with cautious vocals and a few curve balls thrown in there. Fans will recognize stripped down versions of tracks from 2001’s impeccable “Gold Cosmos” album.

    Limited edition of 60 copies.

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