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Juho Tolvonen I Suurpää Cass.

Juho Tolvonen I Suurpää Cass.


Juho Tolvonen


C/Site Recordings


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    Juho Toivonen is a 24-year old musician from Pori, Finland who is just beginning to flourish as an artist. In 2021 his debut solo tape arrived via Finland’s Ikuisuus label and Suurpää is his sophomore follow up. On this release Toivonen has created two sparse yet engaging side-long tracks. Toivonen’s music displays a wise-beyond-his-years patience rarely exhibited in young artists. “Suurpää I” features deep drones, gauzy swells and intermittent electronic swirls as the backdrop for a repeating low-mid guitar. The overall effect brings to mind Idea Fire Company at their most sustained and repetitive. On the flip side Toivonen holds long deep tones to maximize a contemplative mood. As the piece moves towards its conclusion these tones give way to a subtle rhythm that eases listeners into a uniquely meditative state. Toivonen’s future appears bright with such stunning early entries in his catalog and we can’t wait to hear more!

    Limited to 75 copies.

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