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Kizza Ping  I  Först River Man Allt LP

Kizza Ping I Först River Man Allt LP


Kizza Ping

Först River Man Allt

Fördämning Arkiv


  • Specs

    Swedish archival postpunk from a band whom stopped before they really started (1980-82). Slices of new wave are apparant, especially in the basslines. But the main focus goes to to the double female voices whom are soothing and by no means a threat to their parents but with a distinctive post punk wink to early Rough Trade for instance. You cold call it the Swedish punkvariant to Abba in terms of harmonies but obviously more raw. In a weird way singalongs although i certainly would categorize them somewhere between Au Pairs, Raincoats, New Order, Chameleons. A strange, but addictive gem.

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