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Kraus I Chronic Illness Cass.

Kraus I Chronic Illness Cass.



Chronic Illness



  • Specs

    “For over 20 years I’ve lived with an autoimmune condition that causes severe skeletal damage, chronic pain and debilitating fatigue. Living with chronic illness is extremely challenging, physically and mentally. This music — romantic, mystical, soothing, obtuse, a sonic fantasy — is an attempt to provide comfort and distraction for myself and, hopefully, for others coping with daily pain. I hope it can be helpful to you in some way.” — Kraus

    Kraus (a.k.a. Pat Kraus, he/him) is a producer of psychedelic music from Aotearoa/New Zealand. Since 2002 he has released music on labels such as Ultra Eczema, Soft Abuse and Moniker Records.

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