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Laure Boer  I  Agate et la pierre de Sable Cass

Laure Boer I Agate et la pierre de Sable Cass


Laure Boer

Agate et la pierre de Sable

Kashual Plastik


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    Damn: Kashual is doing again.  That packaging on this cassette is again stunning (well, besides that purple shine maybe, gnargnar).  But besides that the music is pulsating and thrilling.  Can't add much to the bio below but besides the Moondog reference i can strongly hear some strumming whom will appeal to Arnold Dreyblatt and Tony Conrad fans.  Haven't made a list of the best tapes of 2020, but Frumpalise (also on KP) is certainly on it.  This one wil make it to the 2021 list.  Oh yeah, includes dl-code

    "merch communityLaure Boer - Agate et la pierre de Sableby Kashual Plastik Share / Embed Wishlistsupported by Agate et la pierre de Sable 00:00 / 14:50Digital AlbumStreaming + DownloadIncludes unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.Buy Digital Album €8 EUR or moreSend as Gift Laure Boer - Agate et la pierre de SableCassette + Digital Album Memories like fires glow, time keeps cutting at your soul: when listening to “Agate et la pierre de Sable”, a tape with two deeply thrilling journey music poems, the mind of the deep listener takes off. Off into the vibrant, mystic, folk-not-folk world of Laure Boer and her free-spirited approach on ritualistic music beyond the ritual. It might get lost in her minimal chanting, her India-leaning melodies, echoing feedbacks and endless loops of revelation. Some Moondog spirits wave veiled and psychic illusions trigger the meditation. But no worries: every soul returns in good order, eased by a droning whiter shade of pale.

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