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Leda I Music For A Film Cass.

Leda I Music For A Film Cass.



Music For A Film

Kashual Plastik


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    do you need a bio?  Do you really?

    Repetitive actions, looping in your head forever.
    Forever? Never. Zero is endless. All flowers and fades. No permanence is ours. We are a wave, that flows to fit. And yet, “Music for a film”, a cassette tape by Swedish artists Sofie Herner aka Leda, inheres the power for perpetuity.

    A circulating dreamland, built on loop pedals, guitar, and
    tape manipulation. The Malmö based artist, who is already famed in the global experimental, improvisational, lo-fi noise underworld for her own musical creations as well as being part of bands and projects like Enhet För Fri Musik, Källarbarnen, or Neutral, brings music made for the film “Dödfött“ - an interactive flick by director Niklas
    Hansson about failed online karate and caducity, screened with a stage art performance at Hypnos Theatre, Malmö, in early autumn 2022.

    Cinematic sounds for all the Velvets, that never awaken from
    their first DIY Super 8 dream. Colorful, yet monochrome electrified and acoustic guitar melodies, monotonous, working like drones, getting all stranded in the zones. Six minimal compositions. Full of plenty, always friendly. Heavy, calm, dreamy, shredding, scratching, created for the woman of the world. And all other creatures, that seek features in unbroken repetition. As nobody keeps any of what he has,
    one day the eternal veil of forgetfulness will warp us all. Until that hour we dance in circles.

    Making karate moves, sidestepping caducity, reenacting ourselves, endless at the edges, through night and day, craving form that binds. As form is emptiness, emptiness is form itself. Welcome to the world of Leda, riff, 7/4, loop, the young, the middle aged, the old…

    Leda - Music for a film (Kashual Plastik)

    1. Heavier loop, riff (for the young woman)
    2. Heavier loop, shredding (for the young woman)
    3. Calm 7/4, riff (for the middle aged woman)
    4. Calm loop, scratching (for the middle aged woman)
    5. 7/4 loop, dreamy (for the old woman)
    6. 7/4 loop, bass riff (for the old woman and credits)

    This music was made for Niklas Hansson´s film Dödfött.

    The film was screened at a stage art performance at Hypnos Theatre, Malmö, September 30th and October 1st 2022

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