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Les Sorciers Du Theil I Polyte Deshaies 12"

Les Sorciers Du Theil I Polyte Deshaies 12"


Les Sorciers Du Theil

Polyte Deshaies 

Tamed Records


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    Fckng hell.  This label releases riffs!!! Psychedelic krautrock grooves of a very addictive nature.  Kind of Can rehearsing with Bardo Pond.  Call it spacerock if you want.  While everyone is drooling over Sweden (and justly so, no question about that)), France have been delivering some of the most exiting tunes in years. Your loss if you miss out.

    Second reunion for LES SORCIERS DU THEIL, one year after the first one (released on tape last summer). The Sorcerers continue their improvised experience in a darker and heavier way. “Polyte Deshaies” presents 4 new tracks still based on instrumental psychedelic music. Monsieur Polyte Deshaies was the most famous sorcerers from Le Theil who lived at the beginning of the XIX century. He died in mysterious way after being accused of causing deaths in this remote region of the Normandy countryside. This time the waving and repetitive rythmic section was mixed with heavy guitars. Unexpected instruments such as vielloncelle and saz were also used. The spontaneous recording was brought by mutual energy. “Polythe Deshaies” is powerful and meditative time at once. The quartet has invited few long time friends to participate: Christèle Cavaleri, David Cosnefroy, Alice Dourlen, David Dupas, and Julien Louvet. Recorded by Bertrand Duchemin at Studio Chaudelande, the studio is located a few miles away from the Sorcerers village “Le Theil”.

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