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Lily Van Buskirk I Aucklantis Boheme Cass.

Lily Van Buskirk I Aucklantis Boheme Cass.


Summer Sale 2024

Lily Van Buskirk

Aucklantis Boheme

Independent Woman


  • Specs

    No idea where this NZ gem comes from.  A non-typical release for IW scratching against a surface of angel-like pop electronics with female vocals getting you into a fairytale modus.  Difficult to range this as 'experimental' but challenging pop it certainly is.  Drifting her way in between labelfriends Drop Zone, Motte, Francisca Griffin or even Maxine Funke in a strange way.   Exactly why i love cassettes so much.  Challenging and surprising as it should be.  One of the tapes of the year.  Sold out at source.  Couple of these tracks also appeared on the ltd Lathe 7" which is, for now, still in stock.  

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