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Loose-y Crunché I Closeness Intensifies Cass.

Loose-y Crunché I Closeness Intensifies Cass.


Loose-y Crunché

Closeness Intensifies

Altered States Tapes


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    This is Lucy from Half High/Naked On The Vague in an ambient version but not at all new age.  I hear sounds reminiscent of Craig Leon, Club Sound Witches... broken vocals, lightweight gamelans and wide open synths make this a very enjoyable trip.  I didn't expect anything less from here.

    Loose-y Crunchè’s latest offering is among my personal favourite pieces of hers that I’ve heard over the years. Last November saw me organise two nights of shows for AST artists/friends, kindly hosted at fantastic Sydney venue, The People’s Republic. On the first night, Lucy performed a live version of this longform piece to a bliss'd reception.


Sitting somewhere between an immersive ambient excursion and an almost radioplay / sound-collage style piece, Closeness Intensifies covers a great deal of ground in its relatively short duration. It truly shows the breadth of Lucy’s own interests and the deftness with which she can smoothly oscillate between approaches. The cassette's inlay features a short text written by Lucy tied to the themes captured in the sound. I hope others get as much out of this album as I do.

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