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Maths Balance Volumes  I  A Year Closer LP

Maths Balance Volumes I A Year Closer LP


Maths Balance Volumes

A Year Closer

Penultimate Press


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    Great kind of folk/blues record with enough disrupting sounds to deserve your attention.  Mind you, he folk/blues is more there in feeling as in definition of the style ansich.  No crispy sounds but direct captures of emotions trying to get a past back which is gone.  Sounds very 2020 instead of 1920 in a 1981 remix.  Somewhere between Mosquitoes/Komare and Eraserhead with distant voices keeping your hopes up.

    "It makes less sense to say that Maths Balance Volumes formed in 2002 than to say that, since that year, they have been collapsing into something, again and again. Just as the three members fell together with no plan or allegiance to any style or genre, each track falls together as the broken pieces of songs and sounds meet to make a temporary and frightening whole. Things make their way into a Maths Balance Volumes song when they don’t or won’t work anymore, when they have escaped their owner, or hidden away where nobody is supposed to find them. When things fall together—when the wooden creaks and radio hisses gather for a minute alongside bass lines and melancholy voice—there is a beauty that sounds like it was made by nobody and for nobody.

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