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Michael Morley & Joachim Nordwall I An Island Is An Island cd

Michael Morley & Joachim Nordwall I An Island Is An Island cd


Summer Sale 2024

Michael Morley & Joachim Nordwall

An Island Is An Island

Stoned To Death


  • Specs

    An Island Is An Island is a correspondence musical project of two respectable islanders, Michael Morley (of The Dead C, based on Te Wai Pounamu / South Island, New Zealand) and Joachim Nordwall (Ideal Records, Island of Brännö, Sweden).

    Two tracks touching the 40 minutes mark are as unique as it can get, magical and just sort of hard to define folktale of hypnagogic dream landscapes full of haunting micro tones and fragments of cursed melodies.

    While listening to this one over and over I feel it would fit real well on an audio tape, soundwise and all, but on the other hand, I'm very happy with the choice of apparently immortal audio format of compact-disc. This album is a delicious nut, it's hard to crack, but gets better with each try and so we better keep it on a medium that will outlive us all.

    Released in April 2024 on Stoned to Death in edition of 300 copies, housed in a transparent standard jewel case with artwork by Peter Kušnírik.

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