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Midnight Steppers I Isolation Drives LP

Midnight Steppers I Isolation Drives LP


Summer Sale 2024

Midnight Steppers

Isolation Drives

Radical Documents


  • Specs

    Recorded 2007-2019 in Beaverton, Oregon on a Tascam 424. NO COMPUTERS WERE USED TO CREATE THIS MUSIC”.

    This was the only text on a mysterious demo that showed up on our doorstep. I popped in the tape and was blown away. Blasted, treble soaked loner rock that sounded like it was pleading for help at the bottom of a well. Thankfully there was a phone number in the package. After a brief talk, where the label was sworn to secrecy, we decided to release this tape.
    Mastered by James Plotkin

  • Shipping Date

    January 30, 2022

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