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Mosquitoes  I  s/t  10"

Mosquitoes I s/t 10"


Summer Sale 2024



World Of Echo Music


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    a reissue of their first single sided 12" on 10".  As every second Mosquitoes released comes very high recommended.  Even though those WS Adinkerke-colors (and releated) do give me shivers:)  These sounds which originally were released in 2017 baffled me then, and still baffle me now.  It resulted in a, rare, live appearance on Knotwilg festival 2019.  And even more beautiness to come shine through hope and bass on our own label.  Pre-order Mosquitoes Knotwilg 12" here.  

    Now fittingly renamed Mosquitoes for its reissue as a dubplate-style 10" on World of Echo on 5th March, these five cryptically titled, shape-shifting tracks, see the trio embrace a near-genre-less fluidity, and in doing so express a unique combination of both freedom and intent. By design or instinct, Mosquitoes stand at their own inverted rock nexus, presenting a music that's turned inside out, and in doing so, music that twists the listener the same way.

    shipping: March 8  (you can pre-order the brandnew Mosquitoes 12" as well on Knotwilg to save postage but then shipping will be April 30)

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