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Mouse Sluts I Mouse Sluts 12"EP

Mouse Sluts I Mouse Sluts 12"EP


Summer Sale 2024

Mouse Sluts

Mouse Sluts

Bruit Directes


  • Specs

    The music contained on this E.P. came about almost by accident. During a period of intense correspondence between Dan Melchior and Graham Lambkin, a story from a Folkestone area newspaper tickled the warped funny bones of the duo and gave birth to some lyrics that were dictated into a recording device … next thing everyone involved knew something resembling a song (in some respects) was born, and was soon joined by three more.

    The wonderful keyboard talents of Letha Rodman Melchior were pivotal in birthing the most ‘musical’ of the tracks ‘Vaccanti’, and giving it its poignant and unexpected closer. Glen Rodman Melchior (who is currently having his claim to be ‘most recorded budgie’ reviewed by the Guinness book of records) lent his indispensable and unmistakable vocals to ‘Mowerbath Man’,though he could easily be mistaken for a chimpanzee in this context.

    A record without too many signposts or safe footholds, we hope it will scratch that itch you didn’t know you even had.

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