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Mudguards  I  On Guard LP

Mudguards I On Guard LP


Summer Sale 2024


On Guard

Horn Of Plenty


  • Specs

    Necessary reissue of a "forgotten" band.  Fun is something postpunk, post-industrial always lacked but these "bric a broc"  are really funny from my point of view.  Somehow it makes a link between eighties stuff from Door And The Window/Alternative TV/TG and the nineties brilliance of Shadow Ring (actually: Grahma Lambkin produced this).  The brawling vocals do even tinkle Sleaford Mods but way more lo-fi.  

    "Seditionary art music and hypnobeat from (The) Mudguards, the (very) English duo of Nelson Bloodrocket and Reg Out, a properly f****d bricolage of end-of-the-pier agit-pop, nauseated industrial cut-ups and the kind of demolished-man techno that transports you to an alternative universe where E was never invented."

    "This was the era when post-punk, industrial and noise scenes and sensibilities were overlapping with the arrival of electronic dance music: and I’m not sure I’ve ever heard a band or project who capture that brief confluence of disparate things quite so brilliantly as (The) Mudguards. One minute they’re plainly and openly addressing Harold Wilson and the state of the National ‘Elf, the next they’re unspooling narcotic/neurotic minimal synth raga like a dole-queue Monoton. And somehow, despite their preoccupation with class war and the treacheries of the state, they retain a sense of humour – well, if you find Ceramic Hobs funny…

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