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Muura - Sunset Flips I Split Cass.

Muura - Sunset Flips I Split Cass.


Summer Sale 2024

Muura - Sunset Flips


Altered States Tapes


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    What a stunning split.  Muura being one half of Club Sound Witches going into live modus with an excursion which is equalling the strongest Dead C tracks ever.  A strumming riff exploding into an eruption of controlled climax.  Sunsets Flips equals that in an electronic way which makes this guitar-electroinc split an absolute must have.

    Muura, the rare solo outpourance from esteemed improv-operator Matt Earle. Chairman of the long-running, deeply subterran Breakdance The Dawn label and board-member of such (loose) organisations as xNO BBQx, Sprot, Club Sound Witches, Love Chants and various others. This set (bootlegged by me) occurred at Melbourne record store, Sunshine & Grease in its third (and final) iteration in Clifton Hill on the 11/06/11. Truly life-changing stuff this, one of the best sets my eyes and ears have percepted. It really doesn’t matter that it’s taken me 9 years to shine the light on it, indefinite luster never fades. The recording drops out about 40 seconds shy of the conclusion, but that’s the way she goes. 

There is also a high-definition video, available on, wherein you can see every pore on Earle’s face, give it a search. This recording is one of the best examples I’ve witnessed of pure sonic alchemy - weaving magic out of the bare minimum - a practice amp, a horizontal busted bass guitar played with a mallet and chopstick (which falls over at one point during the set), a mic and a few pieces of junk’d percussion. Best left not described any further, try for yourself and see what you feel.


Sunset Flips is the Newcastle duo of Michael Liestins (Cock Safari, Mermaids, the Grog Pappy label) and Cooper Bowman (Troth, Tsap, the Altered States Tapes label). We’ve both held a long relationship with Matt Earle, having shared numerous past gigs and peace pipes and, as Sunset Flips, share a similarly loose approach to Soundplay. This was recorded live (in a sense) with an audience of a single cat outside the shed window in Wickham on 20/11/20. Some piano honkin, some loops and devices left to their own devices set amidst a haze of encroaching yuppie development. Try as they may, you can’t bend the weirdos straight. 

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