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Neil Campbell  I  Perimeter Ghost Bloom 10" lathe/cdr

Neil Campbell I Perimeter Ghost Bloom 10" lathe/cdr


Summer Sale 2024

Neil Campbell

Perimeter Ghost Bloom

Astral Social Club (self released)

Lathe Cut 10" + cdr

  • Specs

    Vibracathedral Orchestra's and about 1156434 other projects Neil Campbell continues his search to easen up your life with smoothing sounds. Might sound sarcastic seeing some of his noise outbursts in other releases but this one is simply stunning in it's minimal approach. Some silent guitarpicking, piano tickling and soft soundscapes turning up his quality which is whatsoever always present. It remains a mystery why this guy remains one of the truthfull musicians to keep following. Quality is “immer da” with every now and then a surprise which kicks you balls in full admiration. This is one of these surprises. Lathe cut edition of 50 copies + a 30 minute extra track on cdr which should prepare you for a cozy autumn.

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