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Nein Rodere I For Unprepared Voice & Guitar Cass.

Nein Rodere I For Unprepared Voice & Guitar Cass.


Nein Rodere

For Unprepared Voice & Guitar

Nein Rodere Self Releases


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  • Specs

    Self released reissue of the original Horn Of Plenty cassette in a numbered edition of 20.  Only have a few so better be quick:).  1 copy per customer please

    "WOW [...] the songs drift between the natural ambience of the city [...] very special music" (All Night Flight)

    LABEL TEXT: "If you were lucky enough to have picked up his previous tapes you'll know why I'm so excited to be releasing this! Top-notch lopsided, contemporary art music in the tradition of Kai Althoff, Dominik Steiger, Anton Heyboer et al... but delivered with a unique sense of melody and texture.

    At the time of recording David had reworked his previous tapes into a (forthcoming) Horn of Plenty LP and hit a quiet patch;
    ' was like I drained myself of that particular energy.
    At some point I warmed to playing again, as long as it was very of the moment and made up on the spot. These are some examples of that approach, with a little prep for the long ones so they'd be easier on someone else's ear. So those two are not 'real' improvised I guess, esp. since I wrote down a list of colours and adjectives for the last one.
    With those long ones, I thought I'd just keep taking them in circles until they collapsed in on themselves, which is a thing I sometimes look for in other people's music.' "

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