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NH Meth I Unknown Gen Cass.

NH Meth I Unknown Gen Cass.


NH Meth

Unknown Gen

Independent Woman


  • Specs

    "As the cytoplasmic fragments of an emergent teratistic organism caulk under the terraformer’s lens into sly gyrations of an arachnid Funk we can begin to ask the question: > What is “Body Music”??

    After the legendary cavortings of cock-a-hoop castratomy that was the 2019 To Live and Shave in LA tour of Europe that featured TLASILA as a trio of Tom, Rat and Lurch X, the sense of a gestating potential for further miscreancy was like the summoning signal of the ant queen to her disciples. In a serendipitous turn from the untimely and sudden dissolution of Tom Smith’s trio Merkwürdische Riechnerve, Tom elected to summon a phoenix from the ashes of his former unit by asking Lurch to join forces with him and long time friend/succubus of psychotic-acoustics Paige Flash, in a new trio named after a spiritual organisation which chose the diabolical route to deliver salvation. Thusly, we began our own unholy mission, with Lurch and Paige as the daughters of Ereshkigal in a shapeshifting oratory and exudation of capricious and empassioned tentaculation - siren wails from abyssic depths and mad vixen lullaby, erotic stranglings of electronic hex devices and souls set in amber, lugubrious thrum of poison talons rattling on caustic coils - and Tom as warfare designer, CPU, David Koresh in a wet lab, architect of the space time laws which govern this frontier apparatus of wanton alien mesmerism. From out of the black box comes assemblages of truncated corporealities, fervent inaugural death marches for a gleaming detritovore Empire, slithering collusions of mechanical and biological rhythm as conduit for the unhinged sweet-nothings exchanged between sleep-deprived seraphim and hallucinated positronic brain noise, utter careening Ghlark and many other indecencies of syncretism yet unarticulated on the physical plane.

    Come with us, drain your spine, abide the voice of holy Error!"
    Edition of 50.

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