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Nod I Band Room Janitors Cass.

Nod I Band Room Janitors Cass.



Band Room Janitors

Carbon Records


  • Specs

    Nod took years to lovingly plant and cultivate the magnetic particles on this tape so that the distinct pattern best represented the songs that the Janitors revealed to them before their mysterious disappearance. The resulting recording is a tribute like no other. There are epic stories here, for those who listen with nimble ears: mythic tales of darkness and lightness (“Adaption”, “Gas Trips”), of dogs and monsters (“Huskies Out”), of ants and astrologers (“Ant Farm March”, “Space Saw”), of heroes (“Lt. Smokey Rivers”), virgins, zeroes, and villains (“Bar Fight”). There are also some damn heady philo-sonic treatises (“Master Blend”, “Overture”, “Voxclapaphone”) and intensely detailed landscapes painted with sound (“Woodstock Parking Lot”, “So Slow Yanomamo”). The remaining instant compositions on the recording simply defy any attempt at description. You’ll see, but you won’t believe.

    So clean your windows, dust your brooms, and wax your hardwoods with the sinuous and airy songs of The Band Room Janitors, as brought to you by their loving disciples, Nod. 

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