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Omit I Frequency Drop-Outs Fanzine + Cass.

Omit I Frequency Drop-Outs Fanzine + Cass.



Frequency Drop-Outs

Aegri Somnia Vana

Fanzine + Cassette

  • Condition I Specs

    nm/vg+ 1996/1997

    Can't find any info but bought this back at the time straight from the label.  No artwork on cassette (never was).  I suppose these are the same tracks as the Lathes but i could be wrong.  Anyhow: sounds a lot as the Siltbreeze lp released this year.   Comes with magazine with obviously Omit in it but also features/interviews about Alastair Galbraith, Shadow Ring etc...  

    Check my other Omit stuff.  From my personal collection.  There's a reason for everything.  Open for discussion about all Omit stuff?  Sure, but be clear.  I really don't have time for endless negotiations:)

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