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Opposite Sex I High Drama Cass.

Opposite Sex I High Drama Cass.


Summer Sale 2024

Opposite Sex

High Drama

Albert's Basement


  • Specs

    tralalala postpunk singalongs straight out of NZ (i have the cassette version as well).   Should go straight into a Karaoke jukebox.

    "Delightfully mean-spirited post-punk from New Zealand . . . as weird as it is raw" -Bandcamp Daily

    "When Opposite Sex eventually skid off the rails, it’s to everyone’s benefit." -Post-Trash

    OPPOSITE SEX function like one of those giant overhead magnets at a scrapyard, prying out both the refuse and the treasure from the pile below. You'd think that would make for a confused assemblage; that is, if the scrap-pile in this case wasn't Dunedin, a cultural treasure-nest at the bottom of the world with temperatures that prompt the shivering fuzz you hear throughout HIGH DRAMA.

    If bigshot thumbs-ups matter to you, you could recall that Opposite Sex have been repped by Stephen McRobbie from THE PASTELS and Marc Riley from THE FALL; A. Savage from PARQUET COURTS even put them out on his label. Opposite Sex always stuck out from the rest, even when in the US they were billed alongside weirdos like BILL CALLAHAN and PISSED JEANS. You can never beat a country like New Zealand for weirdos, but with HIGH DRAMA, this band can finally be judged on their own idiosyncratic merits. That's because, well, it's their best album so far.

    LP available through Spik & Span
    Cassette available through Albert's Basement

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