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Pancrace  I  The Fluid Hammer 2LP

Pancrace I The Fluid Hammer 2LP


Summer Sale 2024


The Fluid Hammer

Penultimate Press


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    Over 17 tracks the Frans Zwartjes-esque pastoral stillness and lyricism of tunes like ‘In the Evening’ are interspersed with passages of levity and mischief (see, for example, ‘Cow Patch’). Pushed to think of accurate precedents for The Fluid Hammer and its strange synthesis or the mechanised and the improvised, nothing quite seems adequate, but in the futile churning names as disparate as Pierre Bastien, Akio Suzuki, Senyawa, Brannten Schnuere and Svitlana Nianio have come up. Absolutely walloping and highest recommendation.

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