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Passed Futurist I Lost Naturist Cass.

Passed Futurist I Lost Naturist Cass.


Passed Futurist

Lost Naturist



  • Specs

    Brilliant cassette starting of as a whirlpool waking you up without mercy in a guitar-drum mantra. Gets you down with a short drone while the happy ending is provided with gentle strumming along these strings we all like.

    Lo and behold now lands the debut tape of freshly formed duo Passed Futurist. Known mostly for their adventures in experimental rock music and visual art, Heikki Hautala (gtr) and Touko Santamaa (drums) create a 20 minute havoc aptly named Lost Naturist.

    In the first track you'll find the fresh duo ripping their guts out in a way that Orcutt & Corsano would only that Lost Naturist is way more in a state of one second before the collapse. After the gutting Passed Futurist lays their insides on the table and predicts the future. This debut tape is as strong as it gets.

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