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Paul Chain I Is Dead Volume1  2LP

Paul Chain I Is Dead Volume1 2LP


Paul Chain

Is Dead Volume 1

Horn Of Plenty


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    Every Horn Of Plenty is really essential.  This compilation is no exception.  Luxurious numbered edition with unbelievable sounds on it.  +90 minutes of revelation, goosebumps and discoveries.  Grant job by Horn Of Plenty.  One of the albums of 2021 for sure.

    Paul Chain was a pseudonym first used by the self-taught Italian multi-instrumentalist Paolo Catena in 1977. In 2003 he announced Paul Chain's 'artistic death' and destroyed all the tapes and photos in his possession. No explanation was given.

    Paul Chain has become a cult figure in the doom metal scene, but his 'purely phoentic' vocals, lo-fi recording techniques, and disregard for genre, will appeal to a far wider audience.

    With this officially licensed 93-minute double LP the Horn of Plenty sidesteps the metal side of the Paul Chain catalogue in favour its more esoteric corners where Paolo explored folk, psych, prog, and minimal electronics. Paul Chain Is Dead Volume 1 presents tracks that haven't appeared on vinyl for 30 years alongside first-time vinyl outings.

    If Black Sabbath, Igor Wakhevitch, Heldon, Chrome, Alain Neffe, or Étant Donnés have ever rocked your world this one's for you!


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