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People Skills  I  As thru the Days of Endless CD

People Skills I As thru the Days of Endless CD


People Skills

As thru the Days of Endless

Kashual Plastik


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    As most musicfans i am a vinyl buying specimen but as musicfan tout court i do make exceptions.  After all some stuff is only available on cd.  As with all other People Skills output (lots of it in stock btw) a stunning collection of songs, sounds.  Somewhere along the lines of Steven R. Smith and Shadow Ring but completely in a league of his own.  Haven't heard a single boring or otiose note from PS.  Great homemade digipak with a piece of genuine "autobahn" asphalt inserted.  Well, maybe not but just to say... Highly recommended.  

    "Sometimes, just drifting: for more than a decade Jesse Sinclair Dewlow’s People Skills project has been chipping away at a secret formula. Honing an intoxicating brand of homespun sonic lethargy,built-to-suit, directly from the occupied Lenape territory currently known as Philadelphia.People Skills has been broadcast via various sureshot diy outlets (IDDB, Siltbreeze, Blackest Ever Black, Alien Passengers) and now Kashual Plastik presents the next shimmering installment. An accompaniment to his 2016 BEB Lp Gunshots at Crestridge (still available), with the usual slo-fi eclecticism we’ve come to expect: ambient fog, blurred confessions, snide rhythmic noir, true driftings from a mad planet."

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