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pFeM I Before Rising Waters  Cass.

pFeM I Before Rising Waters Cass.



Before Rising Waters



  • Specs

    'For Their Past And Their Future'
    Brutalist drone compositions exploring the borderline of guitardrones and (harsh) ambient .  Or how do you think a duo consisting of members of Sister Iodine, Sun Stabbed/La Morte Young  sound??? Exactly:)

    Three detoriation guitarslabs challenging the Channel and trying to conquer the coastlines with a shivering bombardment on the defences of Antifer, Helgoland and Oostende.  But knocked back and floating back drifting on oceans of feedback and silence between Europe and New Zealand.  Put the lights down and listen, or even better: take your tapedeck to a remote place and play it with the loudness button on. 

    Highly  recommended for Dead C, Surface Of The Earth fans or just towards music enthusiasts whom can appreciate deeply moving drones when they hear one. 

    Includes dl-code

  • Shipping Date

    March 1, 2024

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