Phuong-Dan I Sememes Cass.

Phuong-Dan I Sememes Cass.




Futura Resistenza


  • Specs

    We are excited to present you with the beginnings of a new mix series. Each mix will be 60 minutes long and strictly limited to a run of just 50 mixtapes. Each release will be designed by Cengiz Mengüç and mastered by Felix-Florian Tödtloff, and will come with a personal digital download code.

    First in line is Hamburg-based DJ and music curator Phuong-Dan. Departing from the standard chronology of a fixed A- and B-side, the release is comprised of just one title outlining the red thread throughout the whole tape, entitled "Sememes". Derived from the notion of the sememe--the smallest unit of intended meaning found within a word--and itself a palindrome, another notion that goes with the general idea behind this mixtape, the title and accompanying track leave all possible linear narratives behind. In Phuong-Dan's own words: 'All music and sound pieces in this mix could be regarded as individual sememes themselves, or even the whole mix as one in itself... or...'