Pink Mouse I Vacation Cass.

Pink Mouse I Vacation Cass.


Pink Mouse


Albert's Basement


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    Now this is what i call accessible experimental popmusic. Starts off quite dark but quickly tracks evolve into some rhytmic patterns and melodies which keep returning.  Plenty of singalongs here.  Low budget electronics sounding as a hifi patterned cinemascope.  Super release.

    Here’s the follow up to 2012’s Untitled tape from Melanie Simpson’s fresh Pink Mouse project. Melanie (Meanjin/Brisbane) has brought us much joy here over the years in acts like Craft Bandits, Cupcake Club, Simsuns and Shooga, dazzling with sparkle smudges, dream zones, pop music but not? So we are joyed to help continue the story by offering this long coming Pink Mouse follow up, ‘Vacation’, on Albert’s Basement. Enjoy!