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Polonius I Polonius LP

Polonius I Polonius LP


Summer Sale 2024



Stoned To Death


  • Specs

    Aleatory. Rhizomatic. This is the beat broken free of metrics and binary quantization. The beat, with its bindings shattered, charging loose onto the dancefloor and subsuming it in a storm of gnashing teeth and whirling steps and ecstatic free dance, ecstatic free play. The beat, set free to grow in infinite folds and spores and to be carried in endless fractal blooms across the four winds, from dimlite basements to glowing neon Discothèques, up up up into a broken brilliant raging heaven.” Jakob Battick

    This eponymous album is produced by Polonius (Seif Gaber), french-egyptian artist based in Milano. This album, limited to 350 copies, is his vinyl long play debut. His previous albums were released by such labels as Ikuisuus, Heimat Der Katastrophe, Goaty Tapes or Artetetra.

    Poloniuse's wild grip on musical genres takes span through exotica, 80's cheap diy soundtracks, jungle, new age, drum'n'bass or saloon psychedelia. His newest album is probably his most dance-able piece to day, full of sweaty broken jungle beats and dub chants which will mercilessly chew you and then spit you out, leaving you with weird feeling that you might just been to nightmare logic dance club built on the set of Albert Pyun's Nemesis.

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