Poulson Studio I s/t Cass.

Poulson Studio I s/t Cass.


Poulson Studio


Albert's Basement


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    Introducing you to a secret psychedelic underground of Christchurch, New Zealand circa mid-00s. A flat share house band on the far fringes of the scene playing care free, mischievous, groovy, groovy music that feels light hearted and mighty fine.

    Imagine Young Marble Giants, The Cure and Mary Briefcase are on tour and go back to the hotel room for a jam after the big show. This magic ensues… smiles dripping from the hotel wallpaper…. caught by someone with a Dictaphone. Upon checking out they left a copy of the tape at reception. The hotel managers were so fond of the jive they payed for the recordings to be used in the elevators at their hotel.

    So, take a trip to Poulson St and enrich your senses!