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Primitive Structures I Your Event Is Our Rehearsal cd

Primitive Structures I Your Event Is Our Rehearsal cd


Primitive Structures

Your Event Is Our Rehearsal

Kashual Plastik


  • Specs

    An iris opens: in the near future, electrons and light will flow freely, and corporate computer networks will eclipse the stars. Despite great advances in computerization, oppressive heat slows progress. It's time now. Let's move to the rendezvous point. Some minutes ago, our brains were hacked into a data-line. They vibrate in a sublime blend of wave abstractions, Le Théâtre Du Chêne Noir jazz, sliding folk blues, otherworldly reverberations, gut instinct electronica, and droning psychedelia, casually eclipsed by witched drama voices. We are linked to Primitive Structures, a dazed Australian-Franconian trio from Berlin, that electrifies the musical data spheres with “Your event is our rehearsal”, a debut long player that only comes real, when all auditors are ready for some Naïve utopia. It’s a dance of gloomy atoms, elaborated by the heart-piercing analogue gymnastics, improvisatory guitar-playing, darkish dub hints, strange cultural rhythms and interweaving strung-out psychedelics. An erratically tripping passage with an expansive sense of space and emotional richness, beyond our reach and experience. To humans, it is like staring at the moon, a blinding glow that conceals a source of great power. It can obliterate an entire set of memory. It can generate a thousand events. We are welcome to stay as long as we like in the slowly evolving textures of the Primitive Structures. They want us to elevate our consciousness to a higher plane. It is time to become a part of all things. Life perpetuates itself through diversity and this includes the ability to sacrifice itself when necessary. And where does the newborn go from here, with all the mirror images of our psyche? We might stay and see how it all turns out. The net is vast and infinite. An iris closes. 

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