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Rachel Langlais I Dothe LP

Rachel Langlais I Dothe LP


Rachel Langlais



Un Je-Ne-Sais-Quoi 


  • Specs

    "Dothe is the first solo release from Rachel Langlais (Borja Flames, La Colonie De Vacances). A few years ago, Langlais trained as a piano tuner and this close attention to acoustics and tone has fed into the creation of these pieces for two (differently) prepared and tuned pianos, with the results then treated to further edits and digital processing.

    The approach to preparation may be familiar (the placement of various objects on the strings), but “the results are both surprising and moving as she extracts all manner of fuzzy, wavering, droning and clacking sounds from the instruments without sacrificing melody and harmonic warmth.” (Quietus)

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