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Roy Montgomery feat. Emma Johnston I Dear Imprudence 7"

Roy Montgomery feat. Emma Johnston I Dear Imprudence 7"


Summer Sale 2024

Roy Montgomery (feat. Emma Johnston)

Dear Imprudence



  • Shipping Date

    June 1, 2023

  • Specs

    Setting bookmarks... That's maybe the most effective description to explain Roy Montgomery's trajectory into a guitarsound which is recognizable from thousands. The titletrack features Emma Johnston vocals lifting that distinctive guitarplay into heavenly blossoming maram grass protecting and treasuring your faith in music pur sang.

    'Birthday Piece For Varia' breaths closely into his past with Dadamah/Hash Jar Tempo clashing with the 'Scenes From South Island' timecapsule. A kind of surrealistic hypnotic soundtrack situated in medieval times with knights going into a gun duel with victorian lords. Roy Montgomery's discography is a organic evolution into perfection. This 7" is the perfect symbiosis of this.


    The single will be available in ltd quantities at selected stores throughout the world, besides here directly obvioulsy And on the European tour where Roy Montgomery will be playing alongside The Dead C in June 2023 with special guests CIA Debutante as exclusive extra on the Brussels date at Les Atelier Claus on June 15.


    Edition of 200 including dl-code.


    Releasedate: June 1, 2023

    Shipping Date: June1, 2023

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