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Running Out Of Time I Business Trip LP

Running Out Of Time I Business Trip LP


Running Out Of Time

Business Trip

Tax Free Records


  • Specs

    What a trip.  The bio states all things art and conceptual.  Pretty sure it is.  But it's the music which is reaching your ears and what a fine example of, literally, a trip it is.  Starting as a gentle ambient structured field recording trip it slowly evolves into minimal synthpop, polyrythmic percussion, with some darker and wide open territories in between. A very nice record to get lost in.  Special low price introduction.

    This musical soundtrack by Running Out Of Time is a digital epic consisting of federally approved 99,9% original material carbon-dated to the last previous 12-24 lunar cycles.

    For 50 minutes, sit back and let our R.O.O.T. executive branch provide an experience like no other - neuro-programmed especially for your individual cerebral make-up. Choose from a selection of premium Terraform Realities, ranging from cyborgs battling human rebels through synthetic jungles and swamplands, to alien organisms escaping through intricate water tank systems. As you can see in diagram 2.1 in our presentation, each territory is mapped out in complete dimensional fidelity. For example, the water tank causeways also lead to a long-forgotten underwater world full of hidden creatures. Embrace your inner subaquatic explorer, as you search for artefacts and alien embryos that could be exploited for the corporation.

    Just remember - our trademark Quantum Parallel Reality Experience is guaranteed to feel as authentic as the real thing!*

    As a top tier investor, you will also have early bird access to our Platinum Realities selection - including our award-winning Apocalypse Cityscapes. With fully-rendered city centers that once bustled with 21st century traders, these abandoned heritage sites are now home to the lost souls of a free market economy that collapsed eons ago under its own weight. But beware! Some of the spirits will help you, and some will lead you into deadly traps - so choose wisely. Your investment portfolio depends on it!

    *Tax Free corp accepts no liability for cognitive dissociation or neural dysfunction as a result of any Quantum Parallel Reality Experience. 

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