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Schisms I Hanging With The Heretics Cass.

Schisms I Hanging With The Heretics Cass.



Hanging With The Heretics

Kashual Plastik


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    Schisms on Kashual Plastik. A new religious group, already defunct and desecrated. Some say they come from the North of the UK. They been seen at the table with fictitious emperors. Some evidence proofs that British singer, guitarist, piano player, and visual artist Bridget Hayden has been part of them. Their oddly rocking “Break Apart the Idea of Separation “ albums from early 2022 cause already a local steer. Now some new, feverish improvised, yet skillfully recorded sessions. Casting out devils under the umbrella “Hanging with Heretics”. A fuzzy meltdown, mutating rock into ghostly folk, primitive prog into psych drone. Bewitched voices dance along quacking synth notes, creating a haunted exorcism, that rides through your dreams on bass, drum, and guitar. Somewhere in the corner of LAFMS, LA Vampire, Sun Araw and all other misfits with guitar licks. It’s a fight of the individual against the circumstances. A struggle of three against the gods.

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    Octobre 22

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