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Sorrow Family Band I Tiger Bites Cass.

Sorrow Family Band I Tiger Bites Cass.


Sorrow Family Band

Tiger Bites

Independent Woman


  • Specs

    Solo outing from one half of Midnight Mines.  Lots of reverb driven guitars reminiscent of Roy Montgomery, Dadamah etc...  Some cassettes deserve a repeat button.  This is one of them. Edition of 50

    "The train slowed down outside of El Paso. I didn't wake my baby, Ben, but carried him out to the vestibule so I could look out. And I smell it, the desert, Caliche, sage, sulphur from the smelter, wood fires from Mexican shacks by the Rio Grande. The Holy Land. When I first went there, to live with Mamie and Grandpa during the war, that's when I first heard about Jesus and Mary and the Bible and sin, so Jerusalem got all mixed up with El Paso's jagged mountains and deserts. Rushes by the river and huge crucifixes everywhere. Figs and pomegranates. Dark-shawled women with infants and poor gaunt men with sufferer's savior's eyes. And the stars at night were big and bright like in the song, so insistently dazzling it made sense that wise men couldn't help but follow any one of them and find their way."

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