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Teahouse Radio I Her Quiet Garden 2LP

Teahouse Radio I Her Quiet Garden 2LP


Teahouse Radio

Her Quiet Garden



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    Very happy Vrystaete decided to reissue this lost gem which was released as cd way back.  Seeing the Swedish turnmoil last couple of years it strangely fits in perfectly with all Discreet, Forlag releases.  Especially because the audience of this comes more out of the neo-folk-industrial-ambient corner. Maybe a bit less harsh in sound then Gothenburg related bands but ever so intriguing.   The bio describes it as a kind of lo-fi ambient.  I don't agree, this is rather say mid-fi.  A mesmerizing trip, which fills up all 4 sides of vinyl.  And goddamn, every second is worth every penny.  Hours of pleasure ahead if you dig Astrid Oster Mortensen,  Brian Eno; Coil, Kleistwahr etc...  Higly recommended by yours truly.  Ltd to 150 copies so gonna go be gone before you know it

    This 2LP vinyl edition of “Her Quiet Garden” captures the delicate, fragile and minimalist soundscapes very well… and features three additional pieces from the same sessions which were never released before… Expect acoustic instruments that are blended with electronic equipment, forming a sombre ambient music of tinkling tape loops and humming pedal drones… like Gurdjieff meets Eno in some sort of way… And… it is also a very personal album and any listener who sits back and pays true attention will witness and experience this.

    This is what the musician himself says about the album: An album about summer houses and winter towers, about the changing of weather. How one feeling changes to another. The loss of a loved cat. A real garden becoming an imaginary garden. Depression as a pond. Years of therapy and music as the main counterpoint. About escapism. Psychoses. A giant who walked in and out of the world, decorating it nicely. An aural tale. Half in water, another half in the northern woods. Childhood through nostalgic binoculars. A wardrobe to another place, a gentle knock on the door in the oak tree.

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