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The Dead C I ​Harsh 70's Reality 2LP

The Dead C I ​Harsh 70's Reality 2LP


Summer Sale 2024

The Dead C

Harsh 70's Reality



  • Specs

    Originally seeing the light of day in April of 1992, Harsh 70s Reality was not just a high water mark for that year, but for the ages. Technically this was the band’s fourth long-play outing, and as a double-album, it followed (and was ever so slightly informed by) two formidable juggernauts that preceeded it: Twin Infinitives and Lake. But it was Harsh 70s Reality that left the decade stronger and more resonant than it came in.
    People say that rock music died with the passing of Kurt Cobain. But The Dead C slaughtered it in its sleep with this tremendous set of grinding thud. It is in every sense the ultimate post-rock album. To hear it is to understand why one scribe back in the day referred to their sound as “a garbage truck backing over the abyss.”

  • Shipping Date

    July 5, depending on arrival maybe a bit earlier

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