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The Normal Ambition  I  1982-1985 Cass.

The Normal Ambition I 1982-1985 Cass.


The Normal Ambition


Thokei Tapes


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    Track 1-5: Watch It There EP
    Track 6-13: The Unanimous Notorious
    Track 14-15: 1982 Demos
    Track 16: Peter Matich & Greg McKenzie 2006

    '1982 - 1985' The Normal Ambition formed in Auckland, NZ with members, Geoff Bunt (guitar, voice, lyrics, songs), Peter Matich (bass, songs, voice), David Ford (drums), Gregg McKenzie (guitar, voice, lyrics, keys, songs, arrangements, production) all originally from lake Taupo, NZ.

    'The Normal Ambition', influenced by early 80's Gang of Four, Killing Joke, The Monochrome Set, The Sound, Wire, The Fall and others, were not easily compared to other New Zealand post-Velvet Underground indie bands.

    These two albums were released by Paul Luker on 'Industrial Tapes', variously recorded at Progressive Music by Terry King, Harlequin Studios by Rhys Moody, and live at Andy Cave's Streets Ahead, Performance Cafe.

    Two earlier recordings 'Seclusion' and 'Under the Blanket' are from line-up 'Normal Ambitions' with Alistair on drums, recorded by Terry King and Paul Gilbert, November '82. 'Television' features Eddie Olsen on drums.

    'Heaven's Blue' is tribute to Geoff from poem 'A Yesteryear in Heaven's Blue' by Peter, with guitar and voice by Gregg, recorded London, 2007. All tracks for '1982 - 1985' remastered from salvaged cassette by Henry Gentles, Sydney, 2020 

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