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Thierry Monnier  I  Temps Espace LP

Thierry Monnier I Temps Espace LP

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Thierry Monnier

Temps Espace

Doubtful Sounds


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    TM is a member of La Morte Young and Sun Stabbed and you might say this is a stripped down version of those bands.  Allthough there is much to say about Musique Concrete etc, this has (as with all Doubtful Sounds output) a real punk feel.    Both long tracks capture an atmosphere which goes back and forth between Campbell Kneale guitar-eruptions countered by soft and heavy drones, found sounds and reels bumping into tape recorders.  A very challenging but rewarding record. 

    "The first track result from the in-between of a reading of Deleuze and Guattari a thousand plateaus and the second one is taken from the space in-between two talwegs.One were the sound has been deteriorated through the mixing process of a cassette 4 tracks tape recorder and the other one where the erosion is the central question.But two tracks so different that they are separated on each side of the LP and with the recommendation to not listen to them one after the other.

    Mastering by Giuseppe Ielasi

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