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Thistle I Teleopsia Cass.

Thistle I Teleopsia Cass.


Summer Sale 2024



Stoned To Death


  • Specs

    Emerging from Brno's respected institutions of AVA collective and Bastl Instruments, Thistle is an improvised conversation between Matěj Kotouček and Simo Hakalisto. Language in use: hypnotic drone, electronics and field recordings. Their first release for Stoned to Death is an album called Teleopsia, ticking at around 30 minutes, it has the perfect ability to induce trance to any open ears. Teleopsia is released digitally and on limited tape release (70 copies).

    Thistle's Matěj Kotouček is previously known for his live electronics / drums duo Sky to Speak, he is currently playing solo as Loops of Decay and working in Prague's NOISE.KITCHEN, a synth laboratory. Simo Hakalisto is finish film maker, he is also active in projects Shakali and Gnäw, releasing music through outfits such as Ikuisuus or Cruel Nature.

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