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Threes And Will I Monomaniacal Cass.

Threes And Will I Monomaniacal Cass.


Threes And Will


Long Slow Comfortable Screw Against The Wall


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    they have been everywhere from pure noise, to sludgerock and everything in between.  This one reminds me of a noisier Flying Saucer Attack/Roy Montgomery.  Even Dadamah comes to mind.  Noisy for sure, but pure beauty in the hazes of feedback.  Recommended as hell.

    Threes And Will invite the listener to surrender to their crunchy, distorted lo-fi drone with “Monomaniacal”. Done with such intensity, they recall the “shitgaze” aesthetic of Times New Viking. Everything about the sound feels liberated. Disregarding any attempt at volume control they let the sound veer heavily into the red. Maximized everything they ensure that the entirety of the collection becomes a cohesive, comprehensive whole. With a real ear for riffs they extend these riffs into the sky in a way that feels wholly organic. In spite of the fiery stream of consciousness approach, there is a tenderness underlying the whole thing.
    Easily the highlight of the collection comes with the beautiful din of “Cabinda”. Strangely alluring there is a dreamy quality that comes out of all of this, for Threes And Will lets the whole piece disintegrate with such ease. “Jeddah” continues on this path, featuring an entire world. Incorporation of words, however garbled, allow for the piece to retain a slight hint of humanity beneath it all. Fractured beats skitter about amongst all the chaos further lending it an all-consuming experience. Playfulness runs through the unhinged presence of “The Visionary”. Here the sample proves to be a little stronger for it defiantly tries to rise above the din. In a way returning to the beginning of the collection comes the full circle quality of “Zairianization” where elements of kinder gestures emerge. Noisy as hell, Threes And Will delve into an otherworldly sense of surrealism with “Monomaniacal”.

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