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Tim Goss I Afterfly LP

Tim Goss I Afterfly LP


Summer Sale 2024

Tim Goss


Penultimate Press


  • Specs

    Tim Goss (The Shadow Ring / Call Back The Giants) returns with his first outing under his birth name. Afterfly is a mature and compelling work that observes life as a set of repeating patterns, no matter the apparent differences everything has already happened. After one fly comes another and another and another ad infinitum.

    You have the face of an old man, catch me if you can.

    Afterfly serves as an initiation into a more thorough overview of Tim’s current practise followed with a book of recent illustrations to be released on Penultimate Press in 2022.

    Edition of 300 copies. Comes with a booklet with a story to be read alongside Fly 4 (merely a rehash of the conquistadors, life forever repeating with no obvious improvement).

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